building future-ready skills

We may not know what jobs our students will be doing in the future, but we do know the universal ‘how-to’ skills that employers increasingly value in a rapidly changing world. These skills complement and are often valued over technical knowledge – we call them 21st century or 21C skills.


Ready to go!

The L.A.B™ programme consists of 10 modules tackled over the course of a term and getting started is easy.


Teachers receive comprehensive L.A.B™ resources with everything needed to deliver a rich learning experience in the classroom – no special expertise required. L.A.B is aligned to the NZ curriculum key competencies and learning areas.

Real-world learning

The Like A Boss programme™ (L.A.B) is an exciting opportunity for Y7-10 students to build their own people or planet focused business over the course of a term, and to develop 21st century skills along the way – creativity, communication, design thinking, global competence and financial literacy as well as entrepreneurship to name a few.


Each student is provided with $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate their own venture. With educators learning alongside them and young Kiwi role models to inspire them, this course allows students to make a difference in and outside of the classroom.


And while they’re building their empire, they are learning and developing skills too. Ideas like the future of work, entrepreneurship, idea generation, design thinking, creative marketing and building your financials come to life; and 21st Century skills like teamwork, tenacity, curiosity and creativity are explored and tested.

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Get inspired by the range of businesses created in our partner programme, $20 Boss, run by the Foundation for Young Australians.

Learn more about the Like A Boss challenge, and meet the L.A.B champions.

How does it work?


The 21c skills l.a.b helps develop:



Design Thinking

Global Competence

Financial Literacy

Know how to develop, organise and manage an innovative venture or project

Know how to take a structured approach to 
generating and developing ideas.

Be able to examine local and global issues, understand and appreciate different perspectives, interact successfully with others, and take responsible action towards sustainability.

Be able to make informed judgments and effective decisions on the use and management of money. Be able to make informed judgments and effective decisions on the use and management of money.




Be able to produce new and useful ideas

Know how to share information in order to convey meaning and achieve outcomes




Be able to work, plan and get things done in the face of obstacles.

Understand and care about other people and enjoy working in a team.


Growth Mindset

Goal Setting

Believe they can build skills through hard work and good strategies.

Set and monitor their own learning goals.


Many Kiwi schools are already expanding their students’ opportunities with L.A.B . Register now to join them!

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