case studies



📍 Manurewa High School
👤 Y10 students: Sonia and Lilian

💡 Care packages for those in need 

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rnb teez

📍 Manurewa High School
👤 Y10 students: Deziah and Chrissy
💡 90’s RnB hip hop t-shirts

MHS_Project D_1.jpg

project d

📍 Manurewa High School
👤 Y10 students: Kiet and Kissy 
💡 Car branded keychains made from recycled wood 
✨ Donations to Salvation Army

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plants that count

📍  Northcote Intermediate School
👤 Y7 students: Sam, Cam and Leo 
💡 Originally selling native trees, and have since transitioned to sell native plants and flowers outside the entrance to their school. 
🌳 $1,000 (100 trees) were donated to Trees That Count with the original business idea. They will continue to give to the charity with profit made from their next sales too! 

NIS_Breakfast Club.jpg

breakfast club

📍 Northcote Intermediate School
👤 Y7 and 8 students: Lily, Koromiko, Hannah, Catherine, Seren, Alia, and Hein
💡 After seeing their peers go to school on empty stomachs, they created the Breakfast Club, running every Wednesday before school with food sponsored from Countdown Northcote and court games to bring everyone together! 

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the queen geez

📍 Renwick School
👤 Y7 and 8 students:  Sophie, Sophie and Grace 
💡Hair ties, scrunchies and bandanas to sell to their peers at school

LAB - Renwick School 3.jpg


📍 Renwick School
👤 Y7 and 8 students: Danah, Charlotte, Emily Blake and Isabel
💡 After noticing a lot of plastic being used in school lunch boxes, the team originally planned to make wraps but quickly realised they weren’t ideal for wrapping up sandwiches, so they sowed together the sides to make pockets!  

LAB - Renwick School 5.jpg

recycled pot plants

📍 Renwick School
👤 Y7 and 8 students: Zamthie, Sean and Natalia
💡 Pot plants made from recycled milk bottles which they painted and attached seeds with the likes of mesclun lettuce, spinach, mint and cress!


the kearoa kaitiaki

📍 Horohoro Kura
👤 Y3 - 5 students
💡Reusable beeswax wraps to promote Te Ao Māori and prevent plastic waste in school lunches

🌊 The Kearoa Kaitiaki made over $800 in profit which they donated back into the community to help clean up the moana

21st Century SKILLS

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