Spark ; supported by the 21C Skills LabThe Like A Boss programme™ (L.A.B) is an exciting new Kiwi-developed programme, brought to you by Foundation the ; and modelled on the Foundation for Young Australian’s $20 Boss programme.    


Specially designed for Kiwi secondary school students,  those who take part get the opportunity to build their own business with just the provided $20 in their pocket, and develop 21C skills along the way – creativity, communication, design thinking, global competence and financial literacy as well as entrepreneurship to name a few.


The L.A.B™ programme consists of 10 modules tackled over Term 2 or 3. Getting started is simple – once you’re ready to go, we provide the $20 start-up capital and a comprehensive teacher toolkit including all student learning materials.


At the end of the programme, the students return the start-up capital. But it doesn’t end there; the 3 most successful teams win a trip to Auckland to experience an epic hands-on day, including hanging out with leading Kiwi entrepreneurs and a celebratory event.

Introducing like a boss

and school involvement

  • L.A.B™ provides a comprehensive toolkit with all you need to provide a rich, immersive, project-based learning experience for your students. It’s also mapped to the NZ curriculum key competencies and learning areas.


  • No special expertise required! Each module has awesome learning videos featuring young Kiwi entrepreneurs, a learning plan, worksheets, and extra resources.

  • The 10 modules cover: 21C skills and the future of work, entrepreneurship (including Māori entrepreneurship), idea generation, business for good, design thinking, creative marketing, building your financials, planning for success, business trading and celebration

  • In each module, students focus on a particular 21C skill – understanding what it involves, reflecting on their current skill level, and practicing to develop it.


  • You can run this programme in a way that suits your school’s timetable and involves your community as coaches and supporters – it’s up to you. See more here.


  • L.A.B™ is a terrific way to bridge the gap between school teachings and real-world experience as it allows business people from the community to share their experience with the students as business coaches.


  • It’s a tried and tested model*, with other 27,000 students in over 500 schools participating over three years and outstanding impact data.


  • It’s free!


*Modelled on the Foundation for Young Australians’ $20 Boss programme. Check it out here.



  • L.A.B™ gets their creative minds flowing and puts their communication and participation skills to the test as they work in teams on a project they’re passionate about with real world relevance.


  • As educators learn alongside them, and young Kiwi role models inspire them, we help students make a difference in their communities.

  • L.A.B™ helps students build skills for any pathway they choose to take and opens them up to what the world of entrepreneurship has to offer.

Over 88% of educators felt their students developed financial literacy, project management, and teamwork skills.


Over 85% of educators found the programme practical and would consider running a business in the future.


Over 92% saw how businesses can create positive social change.*

*Results from the FYA $20 Boss Programme 2017.

Take a look at how Aussie students, Jessica and Raymond used the skills they developed to kickstart a growing business.

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